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1 What is the nature of these curriculum? Will they help me in the future when I go to college overseas?

These are the curriculum for grades K-12 in American schools. If students wish to attend college overseas, they will find that this school offers the right program for their needs because not only is the curriculum aligned with Western countries, but they will also receive a accredited high school diploma and academic records that are required for college applications.


2 Do you have audio-visual teaching?

Each lesson comes with an already recorded video of the instructor explaining the lesson, which fully supports self-study. In the self-study state, if you have problems understanding the questions themselves, the glossary inside has Chinese explanations for the more difficult words and terms, and even some sentences already have Chinese translations, so you can basically solve the problem of understanding the questions themselves. After understanding the questions themselves, if there are still questions about how to solve the questions, you need to ask your parents, or ask others for help.

3 Is English the primary language of instruction?

Yes, all instruction is in English, with the exception of foreign language classes.

4 How much is the tuition fee?

We are committed to providing affordable learning options, thus, we have many payment plan options. In the fully self-study model, Ignitia's annual tuition is only $650, while Edgenuity is $700 for grades 9-12 and only $500 for grades 3-8. Depending on the courses required for graduation or transfer, and the mode of study you choose (Self-study, with monitor, with teacher), your cost estimate will vary. To obtain a current tuition estimate for Ignitia or Edgenuity, please contact us.

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