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Enrolling with TLE American International Prep School

Please read through the steps below regarding admission and registration with Ignitia or Edgenuity before starting your paperwork. When you are ready to enroll or you have more questions please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options!

Ignitia and Edgenuity adopt a year-round enrollment. What does this mean? Registration, admis­sions, and enrollment is available to you year-round (excluding holidays). Your courses are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including holidays).




Tuition and Fees


We are committed to providing affordable learning options, thus, we have many payment plan options. In the fully self-study model, Ignitia's annual tuition is only $650, while Edgenuity is $700 for grades 9-12 and only $500 for grades 3-8. Depending on the courses required for graduation or transfer, and the mode of study you choose (Self-study, with monitor, with teacher), your cost estimate will vary. To obtain a current tuition estimate for Ignitia or Edgenuity, please contact us.

Four Steps to become an Ignitia or Edgenuity Student:

  1. Admissions Consultation

  2. Apply

    • Enrollment Form

    • Financial Form

    • Transcripts

    • Set up online account

    • Complete any additional paperwork

  3. Pay for course(s)

  4. Start your course(s)

Step 1 - Admissions Consultation

During our first conversation we will:

  1. Evaluate your educational needs

  2. Discuss the appropriate plan for you

  3. Discuss tuition and payment plans

  4. Review our policies and procedures

Step 2 - Apply for Admissions

Please complete all electronic forms.

- Please make sure you read through and submit your enrollment application

- We will send you a link to set up your online course account

- If you will be graduating or have graduated from us, please send us your official transcripts

- Please fill out the financial form


All other forms are located on our forms page

Step 3 - Pay for your course(s)

Once all paperwork is received and reviewed AND completed correctly, we will have multiple options for payment. We will send a LINK to your billing email address you have listed on your forms within 2-3 business days of completing paperwork. ***Please check your SPAM folder***

Please note - all paperwork must be completed correctly without errors before submission is complete - we may need to ask you to RE-SUBMIT forms


Application fee:

  • There is a $60 one-time non-refundable application fee per student.

  • Any student absent 365+ consecutive days will be considered a 'new' student

  • Your first payment will include your application fee and your tuition payment.



  • Every time student can choose 1-6 courses. After payment is made, students can continue access in those courses. Courses may be dropped and added at any time provided a course request form is filled out and received.

  • A full-year course includes two semester courses (A and B Version). If a student chooses a full-year course, he or she chooses two semester courses. When a student chooses semester enrollment, he or she is choosing semester courses.

  • Students may choose pay by semester or by full-year course(s).

  • If a student chooses to pay by semester. This fee allows 18 week access to a specific course. Courses may not be switched out after the 2 week grace period. (Please note: If you change your course during the first two weeks, you will still have 18 weeks to complete the new course; however, if you have to switch the course out after the first two weeks, your request need to be approved and you will only have the remainder of the 18 weeks left for the new course.)


Payment Options:

  • Pay online through the link we send to your email - this link takes 24-48 business hours to arrive once we have received all of your paperwork - if you do not receive this email - please check your JUNK/SPAM mail or speak to our admissions department

  • Send a Check/Money Order

  • Or other ways.

Step 4 - Registration and Enrollment

Once payment has been received our team will register your student in Ignitia or Edgenuity system and enroll your student into courses.


Please note - if you are transferring credits to us,  we will need official transcripts sent to our school. You can get a head start and request them from your school now.

All transcripts must be in English. We cannot guarantee that all of your credits earned outside of the United States will count toward your grade.

If you require a translation of your transcripts by our school, we can provide an English translation for $80-$100 per copy upon receipt of your local school's official transcripts and confirmation of your credit validity.

Graduation Planning

If you are interested in graduating from our school and receiving an accredited U.S. high school diploma from one of our U.S. partner schools, we can develop a graduation plan once you have been accepted as a student at our school and we have received all of your documents, including official transcripts. The graduation plan will not be completed prior to enrollment.

New Student Orientation

All students should watch the orientation video below. However, if you would like us to walk you through the dashboard or courses, an admissions consultant can assist! Just let us know as we are here to help you work toward success!!!


Please note - Once all forms are received, the registration process may take 5-7 business days. Delays may occur during peak seasons, when materials are missing or inaccurate, when formal English translations are required, or when billing. It is critical that paperwork and translations are correct, so please make sure they are filled out completely and accurately.

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